For Houston children, I know how to read books are just the start of a love of literacy that will benefit your child all through life. Whether you buy more books of your own, borrow them from your local library or get them on loan from friends, putting books in front of your children is the key.

Here are some budget friendly ways to add more books to your child’s home library:

– refresh the books in your home by hosting a book swap with family/friends;
– ask family/friends to give books as gifts for special occasions; or
– look for gently used books at yard sales, Goodwill, library sales, etc.

Most local libraries have children’s sections and many also offer free story hours for little ones. (You can find the public library nearest you here.) Visit the library and let your child pick some books to take home.

Remember to keep books where children can reach them and look at them on their own. A basket on the floor or a low shelf works well.

Read aloud to your children every day and don’t forget to let your child see you reading on your own. Be a reading role model!